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China Water Industry Group Limited is a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 1129). Its substantial shareholders are large overseas investment funds and overseas investors that focus on the market development of the water industry of China.

The Group specializes in the investment and operation of water projects in China and serves as a professional investment company and operational and managerial service provider in the water industry in urban areas. The investments of the Group are primarily focused on the two major businesses of municipal water supply and municipal sewage treatment on the Chinese mainland. The Group successively invested in, established and has been operating several municipal water supply companies and sewage treatment companies.

The Group boasts a highly-qualified and seasoned management team with successful experience in the investment, operation and management of water affairs projects. The Group has also established strategic alliances with large municipal design houses and large-scale state-owned water affairs groups in an effort to obtain continuous support in terms of technology, management and talent.

With an investment philosophy based on the principles of professionalism and sophistication, the Group focuses on the professionalism of investments and limits its investments to water affairs projects such as water supply and sewage treatment. With a management philosophy in line with the principles of modern corporate system, the Group focuses on the localization of management and is committed to benefiting the government, staff members and investors as a whole.

The Group aims to become a large-scale group in the coming two to three years that has a water supply capacity of 10 million tons per day and sewage treatment capacity of 2 million tons per day. The Group also strives to become an integrated national brand with investment, operation, management and service in the water industry.